I have made several website improvements and new features

Hi all. Over the last month or so, I’ve made quite a lot of improvements to this website. Most notably, there’s now a massively improved mobile look:

My website's new mobile style.
Previously the menu was always expanded, but now it collapses to reduce scrolling.

Other key changes for my new website have been:

  • Reviews:
    • All my programs’ download pages now have space for user reviews so you can see what people think of my work.
    • I’ve got some really nice feedback from people over the years, so hopefully I’ll have lots of good reviews to put there soon.
  • Donate buttons:
    • You’re in no way obligated to donate, but I did place donate buttons in a few places so that the option is available to people who wish to donate.
  • Improvements to speed and styling:
    • The stylesheets were combined and optimised, so the pages now load faster, especially on mobile devices with slow internet connections.
  • Improvements to accessiblity.
    • Keeping the web accessible to those of us with disabilities is important to me.
    • I have made various changes and fixes to improve the accessibility of this site, and I aim to provide further improvements soon.
  • New forms:
    • Due to spam and inflexibility, I now have a WordPress-powered contact form, and a review form.
    • This is also much nicer to use than the phpBB contact form.
  • Improvements to browser compatibility:
    • Various changes to styling were made, and validation errors fixed to ensure this works well on more browsers.

It’s been quite a lot of work over the last month or so, but I think it’s turned out well. Here are some screenshots of these changes.

My website's review feature.
The review section.
My website's review form.
The review form
My website's new contact form.
The new contact form

That’s it for now, but stay tuned for many posts coming soon. I will also have the final Ryzen PC post out soon. It’s taken me a while to get around to it, but it’s very nearly done now 🙂

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