Upcoming Website news 9/10/2017. The website will stay on github!

Hi again,

Just a quickie post this time, to change some of what I said in this post.


I will not be removing the github repository for my website

At the time I made the post, I was very concerned about revealing the names of databases and tables, to the extent that I was considering removing the github repository for my website so I could continue development behind closed doors. But I really wasn’t happy with that decision at all. After some research, it turns out that I can instead make a separate file(s) to handle the database connections and queries, and just not release that single file. This is fine so long as I release everything else, and make it so that anyone could write their own database/queries file(s) that interfaces with the rest of the site. That way, I can protect my databases, and so can anyone else using this code, without creating any licensing problems.

I’m very happy with this approach, as I’m not conflicting with my morals about open-source code, and I’m also not contradicting the license, and this code is still helpful to anyone else who is making a website (or learning how to make one), so long as they use this code under the terms of the GPLv3. Phew.

That’s it from me, but hopefully I’ll have time to finally post the OpenBSD review soon 🙂


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