MultiWii Information and Downloads

So recently I’ve been looking into making a Raspberry Pi-based drone. More details will be coming on this soon, seeing as I finally have (almost) all the parts I need now. On this page are links to the original MultiWii Wiki seeing as it is back online now, and various MultiWii-related download files.

MultiWii Wiki and Forum

The Wiki is at: Please note that the wiki no longer allows new sign-ups, probably due to spam.

The Forum is at:

MultiWii Downloads

I decided to put these here because I have had trouble trying to find different versions of the software, so I thought it was worth putting them somewhere on the internet to make sure they stay available. These are also available on the Internet Archive.

Download link:

Below is a list of what is available from the link.

  • MultiWii v2.4
  • MultiWii v2.3
  • MultiWii v2.2
  • MultiWii v2.1
  • MultiWii v2.0
  • MultiWii v1.9
  • MultiWii v1.8-patch2
  • MultiWii v1.8
  • MultiWii v1.7
  • LEDRin software (v2.0) and information
  • MultiWii connection diagrams.
  • MultiWii stick configuration diagrams.
  • An archive of the MultiWii source code respository.

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