Disk Verifier Support

This page contains all the information about getting support for Disk Verifier. Here are all the options:

User Guide

Disk Verifier has a comprehensive user guide, complete with screenshots, walkthroughs for both versions of Disk Verifier and an FAQ section. Booting on both PCs and Intel Macs is also covered. The user guide is kept up to date, but is also generally applicable to older versions.

You can view the user guide online, or download it in a few different formats:

Tutorial videos and blog posts

Disk Verifier Support Subforum

There’s a support forum on this website for all of my programs.

For my commercial programs, you’ll need to contact me with your purchase ID and forum username after creating an account, and I’ll give you access to the relevant subforum.

Email support for Disk Verifier

Customers who purchased the business edition of Disk Verifier can get email support. Please fill in the contact form with your query and purchase ID to get started.

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