Miscellaneous Downloads

This is a page I made to hold miscellaneous download files. These are things that I found useful, or that might be interesting or helpful for other people who’ve done similar projects to me. These didn’t seem to belong anywhere else, so I just decided to make a quick page for them.

wxPython Phoenix (all) for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Download (59 MB)

QEMU 4.2.0 for Ubuntu 18.04

This doesn’t seem to be available in any software repository for Ubuntu 18.04, and I found I needed it for a recent project, so I compiled Qemu 4.2.0 and made a Debian package for it with checkinstall. I figured I might as well share it. Bear in mind that this is a full build, for all architectures, so it’s quite big.

Download (106 MB)

Also note that you need to follow the instructions here on Stack Overflow for /dev/kvm to have the right permissions when using this package.

Pre-prepared Clover with NVMExpressDxe.efi preinstalled for NVME support

Download (29 MB)

RTL8192CU drivers that work for Ubuntu 13.10

Rather old now I know, but could come in handy later for anyone who has a WiFi adaptor with this oft-problematic chipset.

Download (2.1 MB)

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