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DDRescue-GUI's Logo

DDRescue-GUI is a fast and FOSS GUI for GNU ddrescue, and makes this powerful tool accessible to everyone, running on Windows, macOS, and Linux. It features a simple, intuitive interface that helps you get started, and detects all of your disks.

DDRescue-GUI is designed to recover your data and get you back on your feet quickly. When your recovery is finished, DDRescue-GUI also allows you to mount your output file or device and access your data fast.

Click here to purchase DDRescue-GUI.

Disk Verifier

Disk Verifier's Logo

Disk Verifier is an add-on for Parted Magic’s Secure Erase GUI that can help with NIST 800-88 compliant disk erase verification. Combined with the Secure Erase feature from Parted Magic (affiliate link - I earn commission for purchases made through this link), this provides an easy and convenient way to erase your drives securely.

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The GetDevInfo module is a Python module that makes it easy to obtain device information on macOS, Linux and Cygwin, the idea being that bigger programs (such as DDRescue-GUI) can use GetDevInfo to collect device information easily. Packages are available for this program on PyPI, as well as standard installable packages for your Linux distribution.

Click here to download GetDevInfo.

PSID Unlocker GUI

This is a simple user interface provided with Parted Magic to unlock your SSDs using the PSID key physically located on the drive. To secure erase some drives you may need to use the PSID GUI to unlock them first. This GUI makes a previously complicated procedure easy, presenting a list of drives and allowing you to key in the PSID key and press enter to unlock.

This program is available with Parted Magic (affiliate link - I earn commission for purchases made through this link).

About Me

I am a self-employed software developer who works on and contributes to a variety of FOSS projects, as well as my commercial products. It’s rewarding to me to help people by creating software, and I also like to learn new things, IT and otherwise. I am a skilled Python developer, and have also written simple Java and C++ programs. You can see my GitHub stats below. In my free time, I enjoy cycling, surveying for OpenStreetMap, camping, gardening, and general electronics repair and diagnosis. See my YouTube channel for more about my side projects and IT-related experiments.

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