Disk Verifier

About Disk Verifier

Disk Verifier is an add-on for Parted Magic's Secure Erase GUI that is used for NIST 800-88 compliant disk erase verification. Combined with the Secure Erase feature from Parted Magic, this provides an easy and convenient way to securely erase and verify your drives.

Disk Verifier also now comes in the form of a live bootable disk that can verify any disks attached to the system, as you specify them.

Disk Verifier is a commercial product, however it is still open-source and released under the GNU GPLv3 like my other programs.

For more information about Disk Verifier, see the product pages at https://hmbsoftware.dpdcart.com/.


Head over to the screenshots page.


Ira Holst, E-waste Division of LCRI, Inc.

We are elated with the product, we have waited for such since we began using PartedMagic for secure erase in October of 2013. You did an excellent job on the module.

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