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GetDevInfo v2.0.0

This new version has the following major changes:

- Bytestrings are no longer used for the BootRecord and BootRecordStrings values.
- GetDevInfo must now be called from the commandline with "-m getdevinfo" instead of "-m getdevinfo.getdevinfo".
- Error logging has been introduced. During use when imported as a Python module, errors will be logged to /tmp/getdevinfo.errors
- The documentation is now available under the GFDLv1.3+, instead of GPLv3+.

Other than that, various bug fixes and improvements to error handling have been included in this release.

This is also available on gitlab ( and the Python Package Index (

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Copyleft Ubuntu Logo GetDevInfo For Fedora 38
(checksum & signature)
Copyleft Ubuntu Logo GetDevInfo For Fedora 37
(checksum & signature)
Copyleft Ubuntu Logo GetDevInfo For Fedora 36
(checksum & signature)
Copyleft Ubuntu Logo GetDevInfo For Fedora 35
(checksum & signature)
Copyleft Ubuntu Logo GetDevInfo For Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Higher
(checksum & signature)
Copyleft Ubuntu Logo Universal Python Wheel
(checksum & signature)
Copyleft Ubuntu Logo Source Code (Python Source Build)
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Total 1340

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