Welcome to my website!

DDRescue-GUI WxFixBoot Disk Verifier
I created this website to host my programs and blog all in one place. It's a place where you can view screenshots of my programs, download them, read the changelogs, and download older versions (see the museum).

My programs are designed to help people in a sticky spot. For example, DDRescue-GUI helps users recover important data fast, using GNU ddrescue (GNU ddrescue's website), but without having to use the commandline, which can be a barrier to your average user. WxFixBoot fixes your Linux operating systems if they won't start, and allows you to configure your bootloader. These are advanced topics that are made accessible by the easy-to-use interface.

The first three of these programs are written in Python, and they utilise wxPython, a cross-platform GUI toolkit that I chose because it works on all the major platforms (MacOS, Linux and Windows). Another reason wxPython is great is because it's easy to use, but very powerful at the same time. Being written in Python, these programs are naturally quite CPU and memory-efficient and will run even on very old systems without a hitch, which allows them to work quickly and efficiently.

The next upcoming program, Stroodlr, is written in C++, and runs on Ubuntu- and Fedora-based Linux distributions. Stroodlr is a local-network chat client, allowing users to send messages to each other. A preview version of Stroodlr is out now, which simply sends messages between the client and server programs, but isn't capable of sending messages to other clients. I have named the preview release "Apricot Curry", because it might be interesting, but it isn't very helpful yet. Who knows, perhaps apricot curry might be nice.