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I’m Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty, a self-employed software developer from the UK. I contribute to a lot of open source projects on GitHub and have several of my own on GitLab, and I go by the pseudonym hamishmb in most places on the internet.

DDRescue-GUI's Logo

If you’ve come here looking for DDRescue-GUI, you can find it on the product page. DDRescue-GUI is an open-source GUI for GNU ddrescue which allows for easy and robust data recovery on Linux, macOS, and Windows. DDRescue-GUI has been downloaded over 156,000 times as of September 2022.

DDRescue-GUI comes with a user manual complete with illustrations, and video tutorials, and a support forum, or alternative email support for people who purchase the business edition.

Disk Verifier's Logo

If you’ve come here looking for Disk Verifier, a program I made that can run standalone, as well as integrated with Parted Magic (affiliate link - I earn commission for purchases made through this link) to help with NIST 800-88 compliance, you can find more about it on the product page. Disk Verifier has been downloaded over 1,500 times as of August 2022.

The Disk Verifier live disk also comes with DDRescue-GUI for your convenience.

I work on a variety of other open source projects as well. For the full list of my own projects, view the about page of this website, and to see absolutely everything I contribute to, have a look at my GitHub page.

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