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DDRescue-GUI is an open-source GUI for GNU ddrescue, while allows for easy and robust data recovery on Linux, macOS, and Windows.

DDRescue-GUI is available as a download for all platforms, and is also available on the Disk Verifier Live Disk and on Parted Magic.

In order to fund development costs for these platforms, DDRescue-GUI is a paid item for Windows and macOS, but it is still available for free on Linux. Note: Some users have reported that their virus scanner is suspicious of DDRescue-GUI. This is most likely because DDRescue-GUI for Windows is relatively new, but it is virus free, as evidenced by Virus Total, and I have been working with antivirus companies to fix the false positives.

Downloads For DDRescue-GUI

DDRescue-GUI v2.1.1

Despite the minor new version number, this release packs quite a lot of changes:

- Support for Windows.
- Dropped support and workarounds for Python 2.
- Compatible with wxPython 4.1.x.
- Much smaller macOS bundle size.

See the blog post at https://www.hamishmb.com/blog for all the details.

NOTE for Linux users:

GetDevInfo needs to be installed before you can install this - head over to https://www.hamishmb.com/html/downloads.php?program_name=getdevinfo or https://launchpad.net/getdevinfo/ to download it first.

Ubuntu 16.04 users also need to install wxpython4.0 from my PPA, either by adding the PPA (below), or downloading and manually installing wxpython4.0.

An alternate way to make this easier for Ubuntu users is to add my PPA to your system (see https://launchpad.net/~hamishmb/+archive/ubuntu/myppa).


*** Deprecated ***
- This is the last release to support macOS 10.9 Mavericks.

UPDATE 4/9/2020: This package has been confirmed to work with the Fedora 33 development builds.

UPDATE 29/9/2020: This package has been confirmed to work with the Ubuntu 20.10 development builds. A build will be provided in the PPA shortly.

UPDATE 13/11/2020: This package has been confirmed to work with macOS Big Sur (11.0).

UPDATE 18/1/2020: Windows 7 is now supported in the Windows bundle.

UPDATE 21/1/2021: This package has been confirmed to work with the Ubuntu 21.04 development builds.

UPDATE 1/7/2021: This package has been confirmed to work with Ubuntu 21.04 and Fedora 34.

UPDATE 21/10/2021: This package has been confirmed to work with Ubuntu 21.10.

UPDATE 30/11/2021: This package has been confirmed to work with Fedora 35.

NOTE: Windows and macOS builds can be found at: https://www.hamishmb.com/html/downloads.php?program_name=ddrescue-gui

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Copyleft Ubuntu Logo DDRescue-GUI For Fedora 31 and Higher
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Downloads for legacy platforms

There are also downloads for a number of legacy platforms. These can be found below.

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Having the power of DDrescue with a graphical frontend, makes it a very powerful tool in data recovery of damaged or corrupted media. Thank you very much for your amazing work!

John Moody

Cheers and thanks for a must have utility.


It's a great little package - I used to use it in Ubuntu. Thanks for putting it out free. It's one of the best.


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