User Guide for Disk Verifier v1.1.0 and higher

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Version 1.0

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Table of Contents

1. What is Disk Verifier?
What is Disk Verifier?
Why should I use the Disk Verifier Parted Magic module?
Why should I use the Disk Verifier Live Disk?
System Requirements
Where can I buy Disk Verifier and Parted Magic?
2. Disk Drive Concepts
Device Names
Hexadecimal numbers
ATA/SATA Secure Erase Command
NVME Secure Erase Command
"Secure Erase" vs "Enhanced Secure Erase"
NIST 800-88
3. Using the Disk Verifier Parted Magic Module
Preparing the module
Booting Parted Magic
Using the Secure Erase GUI
4. Using the Disk Verifier Live Disk
Preparing the live disk
Booting the live disk
Using the live disk
5. Frequently Asked Questions
Setup-related Questions
Runtime Questions
Troubleshooting Questions
A. License For The Stylesheets used to generate this documentation.
B. License For This Documentation

List of Figures

1.1. Disk Verifier in action
3.1. The boot menu (PC)
3.2. The boot menu (Mac)
3.3. Parted Magic's Boot Menu
3.4. Parted Magic installing the Disk Verifier module
3.5. Parted Magic desktop
3.6. Parted Magic Secure Erase GUI shortcut
3.7. Parted Magic SATA Secure Erase option
3.8. Parted Magic NVME Secure Erase option
3.9. Parted Magic Secure Erase disk selection
3.10. Parted Magic Secure Erase confirmation
3.11. Parted Magic Secure Erase in action
3.12. Disk Verifier running on Parted Magic
3.13. Disk Verifier success on Parted Magic
3.14. Parted Magic Secure Erase and Disk Verifier Logs
4.1. Disk Verifier Live Disk boot menu
4.2. GNOME Disks
4.3. The Panel
4.4. The Main Window
4.5. Disk Verifier prompting for disk name
4.6. The new disk showing up in GNOME Disks
4.7. Disk Verifier: new disk added
4.8. Disk Verifier: new disk configured
4.9. Disk Verifier: verification successful
4.10. Live Disk eject prompt
5.1. Parted Magic Secure Erase PSID GUI option