DDRescue-GUI’s documentation is released, finally!

Hi everyone,

The user guide for DDRescue-GUI is now done!

Get the documentation here, and you can find the source code here.

I’ve been working on this for a while now, but it is finally ready. I originally wanted to live the developer dream of never documenting because “it’s simple enough to use without documentation”. I realised fairly quickly that this wouldn’t work, but still took a while to decide what to do. A few people asked me about user guides, so I decided to write one.

As a user guide, this will help with general usage as well as the advanced functions. I have provided screenshots for both Linux and macOS, so it is easy to understand for everyone. I’ve also clarified a few technical terms people seem to trip over, like the difference between a mapfile and the recovery logfile, and DDRescue-GUI’s logfile.

The documentation is available online, as well as in PDF, and EPUB formats for e-readers, with the idea that it will be viewable on all operating systems and devices. I’ve made sure to write it in plain English, even when describing technical terms, to try and keep the learning curve shallow. Also, I’ve provided information on what you should do when, for example, your recovery finished okay, but your data is still corrupted, so it may be useful as a general guide as well as a guide specifically for DDRescue-GUI.

Future Plans

I hope to have documentation up for my other programs soon as well, but it will depend on my workload and other priorities, such as writing Stroodlr, and re-writing Wine Autostart. I’m also studying for a degree part time and volunteering, but I’ll do my best ๐Ÿ™‚

The Wine Autostart documentation will probably come last, because I need to re-write it first ๐Ÿ™‚


Get the documentation here, and you can find the source code here.

That’s about it from me, so see y’all soon,

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I'm a self-employed software developer working on Free Software projects, as well as studying for my degree with the Open University. Being pedantic when it comes to detail is fortunately useful for both of these things! A strong believer in free software, I have a few pay-for programs available under the GPLv3 and enjoy reporting bugs and helping to improve various open source projects, including volunteering at Wimborne Model Town to work on their river control system.

4 Responses to DDRescue-GUI’s documentation is released, finally!

  1. Nick Woolard says:

    Hi Hamish
    I’m impressed with DDRescue-Gui but having started it, my PC crashed and I can’t see in the documentation how I use the mapfile I created to restart the process. Could you help me, please?

  2. Nick Woolard says:

    Thanks Hamish, that was helpful. If I may make a suggestion to improve prominence, I think it might be logical to have a heading (perhaps in Chapter4) labelled โ€œHow to use a Mapfileโ€ with the explanation there.

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