End of Support Notice for Fedora 27, and old versions of Internet Explorer

As the title suggests, I will no longer be supporting Fedora 27 for any of my programs, as it has officially reached its End Of Life date.

What does this mean for Fedora 27 users?

These users will no longer receive security updates. This means this older operating system will rapidly become insecure and unsafe for general internet-connected use. It will still work, but most applications will stop supporting it in the near future, or already have. Users are advised to upgrade to a supported version of their distribution. Alternatively they could switch to a different Linux distro if they wish.

But I need to run your program on Fedora 27

Well, the current versions of my programs still have downloads for Fedora 27 (at the time of writing), but no future versions will. You can continue to run the older versions though, and they will remain up for download on my website at www.hamishmb.com. If you really need to, you could try running a newer version of one of my programs on your platform, even though I don’t support it. I can’t guarantee this will work, but it might be a good solution in the interim if you really must do it.

End of support for Internet Explorer 8 through 10

I have decided in the interests of security to no longer support these older versions of internet explorer, as they do not support a secure method of communicating with web servers. As of a few days ago, TLS 1.0 is no longer enabled on this website, and users running older versions of Internet Explorer will not be able to connect, unless they manually turn TLS 1.1 or higher on, if it is available. This shouldn’t concern anyone particularly, because all supported versions of Windows run Internet Explorer 11 now. If you are using an older version of Windows, you will need to enable TLS 1.1, or (ideally) switch to using a different web browser to access this site, such as Firefox or Chrome.


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