GetDevInfo 2.0.0 Released!

I have just released the latest version of my GetDevInfo Python module. I follow a semi-standard version scheme, so as you might expect, GetDevInfo 2.0.0 comes with some breaking changes.

Breaking Changes in GetDevInfo 2.0.0

  • GetDevInfo must now be called from the commandline with "-m getdevinfo". “-m getdevinfo.getdevinfo" will no longer work.
  • Unicode strings are now used for the BootRecord and BootRecordStrings values, instead of bytestrings.
  • Error logging has been implemented:
    • When run from the commandline with -m, GetDevInfo now reports errors after the device information output.
    • When run imported from another script/module, errors are logged to /tmp/getdevinfo.errors. This means they can now be debugged and handled by the calling program.
  • The API documentation is now available under the GFDL1.3+ (with no invariant sections) instead of the GPLv3+.

Other changes and features in GetDevInfo 2.0.0

Below is a list of the remaining changes in GetDevInfo 2.0.0.

  • Python 3.10 is now officially supported.
  • Security improved by avoiding all use of shell=True with the subprocess module.
  • General code clean up for macOS and Cygwin code.
  • Various code quality improvements.
  • General improvements to error handling on all platforms.
  • Various improvements to both code and API documentation.
  • Disk descriptions improved on macOS.
  • “loop”, “zram”, and “nbd” devices are now ignored on Linux.
  • Filesystem detection improved on Linux.
  • Fix: Disk size can be reported incorrectly for LVM disks on Linux.


As always, there are quite a lot of changes. This version of GetDevInfo takes into account all the feedback I’ve had with the macOS and Windows versions of DDRescue-GUI, and is by far and away the most robust version ever released.

There are no critically-important fixes for this version of GetDevInfo, but I still recommend you upgrade. Updated versions of DDRescue-GUI for macOS and Windows will be provided soon with GetDevInfo 2.0.0, as well as a variety of other improvements.

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