DDRescue-GUI v2.1.0 released with various new features and fixes!

DDRescue-GUI v2.1.0 has been released!

Earlier this week I released DDRescue-GUI v2.1.0, a major new version which adds numerous new features and fixes over the last version, especially for macOS users. You can download the new version from this website, or Launchpad.net. There are a lot of things to cover, so let’s dive straight in.

New features for all platforms

  • Massively improved output file mounting.
    • Support for LVM disks on Linux, and APFS on macOS (10.12 and higher).
    • Improved reliability, speed, usability, and error handling.
    • You can now select a file/device to mount from the main window using the menus.
    • You can now open the file manager with a button to browse the files recovered once your output file/device is mounted.
  • Better time remaining estimate.
    • On macOS, and on Linux distributions with a new enough version of GNU ddrescue, a better time remaining estimate will now be used.
  • Support for GNU ddrescue 1.25.
  • New text entry dialog to input file/device paths.
  • Experimental support for running multiple instances of the GUI at once.
    • NOTE: This is not finished and not fully tested yet – use at your own risk.

New features and fixes specific to Linux

  • Ability to mount CD/DVD images again (broken in a regression in 2.0.x).
  • Various mounting fixes (including support for LVM disks).
    • Support for mounting LUKS volumes is coming soon.

New features and fixes specific to macOS

  • GNU ddrescue updated to 1.25.
  • Python updated to 3.8.2
  • wxPython updated to 4.0.7.
  • APFS mounting support.
  • Various fixes to usability when mounting output files.
  • Tooltips on the main window detailing the unavoidable overwrite prompt the file dialogs give you on macOS.
  • Ability to select custom devices not detected by DDRescue-GUI.
    • This uses the custom path text entry box.
    • NOTE: You need to run DDRescue-GUI in forwards mode in this case because the device size will not be able to be determined. You will also get no progress information.
    • ^ I’m hoping to fix this problem in the next release or so.
  • Ability to mount normally-hidden partitions such as EFI partitions.

There are also various other smaller bug fixes in this release. Rather than list all of them here, please have a look at the GitLab commit history from 05 Mar 2019 – 27 Apr 2020.

DDRescue-GUI v2.1.0 – Summary

A year in the making, this new release contains a lot of new features and fixes for annoying bugs and glitches in the previous version, and paves the way for even more features I want to add in the next release. I know I say this every time, but this is the best version of DDRescue-GUI I’ve ever released! I hope you have a good experience using this program, and if you do, please leave me a review!

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for some interesting posts about new projects coming soon!

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I'm a self-employed software developer working on Free Software projects, as well as studying for my degree with the Open University. Being pedantic when it comes to detail is fortunately useful for both of these things! A strong believer in free software, I have a few pay-for programs available under the GPLv3 and enjoy reporting bugs and helping to improve various open source projects, including volunteering at Wimborne Model Town to work on their river control system.

2 Responses to DDRescue-GUI v2.1.0 released with various new features and fixes!

  1. Michael R. Lawrence says:

    Make file on srcs might be useful.
    Or a setup.py with deps..
    Or install.sh ,

    However clugy bash ebuilds can do just quite fuggly..

    (Emake install , or distutils r1 eclass/s are tad cleaner.. ebuild wise)
    As for the depending python
    In python. Org repo..
    Pipi.. err. Tired and anxious.
    Tried cloning a windows pe from within pe to another usb , and it trashed up my drives good.
    Naggy friend lose focus a sec .. blam.
    Linux recovery ok… windows not as clean.

    However testdisk dumping ntfs ok..

    However stepson old disk going to be hell.. drive is dying, this might prove extremely useful.

    (Yara-python ebuild , > recycled to match it .. wala .. perfect template..
    https://data.gpo.zugaina.org/pentoo/dev-python/yara-python/yara-python-4.0.1.ebuild )

    (Pip install on gentoo user.. scripts, but never main install…)

    Useful on pentoo. as live has most the Forensics toys vs stock Gentoo iso..

    Just asking if a make or setup.py will be added,

    If i pull pentoo repo on ebuild .. they tend to gripe on ebuilds, were the eclass apis dont do more.

    Than have more bash in ebuilds, than necessary. , as eclass bash behind ..

    Not can roll my own .. make or etc.

    29 hours of trying to claw data out of the abyss… i apologize if my sleep deprivation is … not making as much sense.

    • I’m having trouble understanding what you’re asking here.

      While I know the stress/anxiety of losing data and wanting it back quickly, attempting data recovery while sleep deprived is probably not a good idea – maybe get some rest and come back to it a little refreshed?

      This sounds like it might be a somewhat complicated problem – could you ask on my support forum please so I can help more easily?

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