WxFixBoot v3.1.0 released with important fixes! Download now.

WxFixBoot v3.1.0 was just released with a number of important fixes. First, though, here is some important information:

Important Information

  • The obsolete LILO bootloader is no longer supported (previously deprecated).
  • The obsolete YUM package manager is no longer used or supported on Fedora and derivatives (previously deprecated). DNF is now used instead.

WxFixBoot v3.1.0 – Changes

This release brings several important changes and fixes, the most important of which are below:

  • Fixes for reinstalling GRUB on all versions of Ubuntu.
    • This includes the use of pop-up windows when extra configuration questions need to be asked during installation and removal.
  • Fixes and support for Fedora 33 on BTRFS volumes.
    • Older installations that are upgraded from Fedora 32 or lower and remain on EXT4/LVM will continue to work.
    • Also depend on GetDevInfo v1.1.1, which contains several BTRFS-related fixes.
  • A usability fix for the splash screen text when dark themes are in use.
  • Fixes for backing up and restoring bootloader configuration.
  • Fixes when used with the Disk Verifier live disk.
  • Compatibility fixes for wxPython 4.1.x (soon to be used on Parted Magic)
  • Removed support for LILO.
  • Removed support for YUM in favour of DNF.
  • Various other smaller fixes.

This release contains a lot of important fixes and I recommend upgrading all installations to the new version. WxFixBoot v3.1.0 can be downloaded from this website or from Launchpad.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned, as I have a variety of Linux-related posts coming soon, and hopefully some for the Raspberry Pi drone as well.


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