My website is in development and will be online soon!

Hi all,

A while ago, I had the idea of creating a website to complement this blog, and that will also host downloads for all versions of my programs, and the documentation for them. The website has long been in the making, but I’m nearly done writing it, and it will be online soon!

You might have noticed I changed the colour of this blog recently to a darker blue. While this is a minor change, there is actually a purpose to it! The idea is that the website will integrate with this blog, and share a common theme, so it will be as if I had always intended to do this, rather than “I made a blog and then decided to add loads of features later”. XD I changed the colours to slowly transition this blog so it hopefully looks fairly familiar when I eventually change the theme to make it integrate.

Speaking of, that’s pretty much all I have left to do: make the wordpress theme. I have heard making themes for wordpress is quite an arduous task. I have done some research though, so hopefully I can do it relatively quickly so you can see the website in all its glory soon 🙂

At this point, you probably want to see what it will look like, so here you go:


My website’s home page.
My website’s home page.
The WxFixBoot downloads page on my website.
The WxFixBoot downloads page on my website.
A changelog page.
DDRescue-GUI’s changelogs page on my website.

How it works

Creating this website has been an interesting learning experience for me, having previously never even tried to make a web page. I used a lot of PHP in this website, as well as HTML5 and CSS3, and as little Javascript as possible. XD Turns out, the only thing I needed Javascript for was the “Thank you for downloading” page, but that was only a tiny script.

The “thank you for downloading” page.
The “thank you for downloading” page.

I have several subfolders in the website’s directory tree to keep things like images separate from changelogs and download files, and to keep everything organised.

Why Did I Do This?

You might well be wondering why I decided to code my own site in the first place, seeing as this blog you’re reading uses wordpress, and wordpress allows you to create pages, and offers numerous advantages over just doing it yourself. That’s a good question. I wrote it myself because I wanted (and still want) to learn lots of different programming languages, just because I’m interested, and also it will probably make me more employable. I’ve enjoyed it a lot as well, though there have of course been frustrating moments.

Let me put it this way: I started off really disliking HTML because I (for some reason) thought it always looked messy and confusing, and didn’t know a word of CSS. Now, I’m going to study online courses on them to improve my understanding because I like them so much!

Well, that about wraps this one up, but I have quite a few more planned, so watch this space for more (hopefully!) interesting posts.

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