WxFixBoot v2.0.2 is out! Read this post for the details.

WxFixBoot v2.0.2 is now out!

Hi again! Right, I was testing WxFixBoot on the newly-released Fedora 26 (get it here), when I realised that I had some problems to fix.

Neither of them was particularly difficult, so I fixed and released it this morning. Here are the changes:

  • Ignore return code 8 when doing a filesystem check on startup (fixes support for Fedora 26).
  • Fix an issue where the program can freeze when doing an emergency exit.

Not a lot, right? Still, these changes were worth releasing for, and also affect WxFixBoot when running on other Linux distributions, so I think it’d be good for everyone to upgrade immediately 🙂

Get the new WxFixBoot here, or here. You might also wan to check the post for my new program out, here.

I know this has been a very short post, but there isn’t a lot to say. However, I’ll be posting again about something completely different very shortly 🙂

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