Wayland Update 26/10/2017 for WxFixBoot and DDRescue-GUI

Hi everyone,

A critical Wayland-related bug has been fixed in DDRescue-GUI and WxFixBoot

Just a quick post this time. WxFixBoot and DDRescue-GUI have been updated so that they will work properly on Wayland-powered desktops and distributions like Ubuntu 17.10. What would happen is the GUI would ask for authentication and then not do anything.

This is because Wayland doesn’t allow GUI apps to run as root by default, which both of these applications do. This is a security feature, and generally a good idea (though people who use Synaptic may be annoyed…). The programs now use a temporary work around, but in the long-term I will be using policy kit on Linux to enable these applications to run as normal user, but without asking users for their password all the time. Note that this doesn’t affect any of my other programs.

So, if you’re using Fedora with Wayland (and xwayland disabled), or Ubuntu 17.10, be sure to download the new files, which are on my website and on launchpad.net.

That’s it for now, but stay tuned for more posts very soon.


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