If you can see this post, you are on the new site!

Hi everyone!

I’ve managed to find a way to host this blog on the same server as the rest of my website, just like I wanted in the first place :). It involves using Cryout Serious Theme manager for WordPress, and the Mantra theme, and a bunch of custom CSS to make it look (nearly) identical to my custom-built website.

What will change/has already changed about the website and blog

You may have noticed that I’ve made some changes to my site in preparation. All my videos for this blog are now hosted via Youtube and embedded, to save site space and bandwidth. Also, the blog link now links to http://hamishmb.altervista.org/blog, which in turn redirects back here. The blog will eventually reside at hamishmb.altervista.org/blog, so I’ve also changed as many of my links as possible to this blog on other sites to that URL.

Also the fonts, font-sizes and line spacing have all changed a little bit to ease the transition. I’m not done yet, but when I am there will be a final post on this site, and then I will remove the redirect.

Unfortunately, my hosting provider doesn’t allow redirects, so you’ll have to use the new URL. I’ll keep this site up for a while with clear links to the new location, so you will all hopefully find your way to the new site.

The benefits of doing this

If this all sounds like rather a lot of work to you, that’s because it is :P. However, it’s worth it, because you will all get a more cohesive site experience, and I’ll have a lower maintenance burden in the long term. I will have to remember to check that my theme doesn’t break when the site gets updates though XD.

Summmary (aka TL;DR)

This site is moving to hamishmb.altervista.org/blog, and as that address currently redirects here, you can start using it now if you want to link to this blog, without worrying about your links breaking in the future. This site will stay up for a while after the move, so everyone gets themselves over to the new address :).

That’s all from me, and yes, this means the PXE post is delayed again. I *will* get around to it eventually, but I never find the time because it’s so complex to write and organise :P.


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