I’m Jade Black – My Debut Album Incident is Out Now!

Hey there, nice to meet you. I’m Jade Black. I’m an Alternative Metal solo artist, filmscore composer, sound designer and graphic designer amongst other creative pursuits. Hamish has been kind enough to let me guest write on his blog so that I can tell you about my debut album Incident. Two singles have already been released, Napalm back in 2019 and Poison in March. The album is thirteen songs, one of which is instrumental.

This is what I look like 🙂

What to Expect From Incident

As a solo artist, I do everything myself and I mean everything. I’ve played all the instruments, self produced, self mixed and even self mastered the album. The songs are guitar, bass guitar, drums and vocals. It’s heavy but not too heavy and the songs are pretty varied. I’m inspired primarily by Serj Tankian, Queens of the Stone Age and KMFDM but there are a lot of others too. I’ll list some but not all of them: Mr. Bungle, System of a Down, Slipknot, David Bowie and Rage Against the Machine.

There are two sides to the album. There’s a political/current affairs side to it and a more personal side. I’m not going to go into detail about the politics here, but I can tell you that usually what I do is take one issue and highlight it in a song. That’s pretty much the same as what I do for the personal issues as well. The most relatable song is probably Last Breath, it’s also the only Acoustic song on the album.

The cover art for Incident
The cover art for Incident – I made it myself.

More From Me?

I have more music releases planned in future, though not for a while. My good friend Bhuna, who has written on here before too, is planning to do a remix of Incident, for those of you who prefer electronic music. Yes, she’s planning to remix the entire album. I don’t really know what that means, but it sounds cool and it’s something you might be interested in.

I do have plans for non music projects too. My other primary creative outlet is creative writing and I have big plans for that in future. I have some poetry on my blog at the moment by fan request, so you can take a look at that too.

That’s About That

Incident took me six years to make from start to finish. Yep. Six years. I’d really appreciate you listening. It’s available anywhere you want it. Amazon, Apple Music and Spotify are some, but it’s available literally everywhere you can think of, so whatever suits you.

I’m on Instagram, Twitter and have a blog of my own with some behind the scenes stories. I’m also on YouTube and on there I have videos teaching you how to play some of my songs on various instruments as well as the music videos for Poison and Napalm.

Thanks again to Hamish for letting me guest write here! He’s on Twitter and YouTube as well. I’m sure you probably already follow him on there but if you don’t then make sure you check it out.

Thanks for reading, hopefully I’ll be back soonish with another release to write about.

Jade Black

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