DDRescue-GUI Reviews

Manush John

It took four days for DDRescue-GUI to mirror my faulty 2tb drive. To my delight, I was able to retrieve files I thought were damaged and irretrievable. Amazing!

Karl Rolfe

This is a truly excellent program, it has saved my bacon several times.

Craig Jessup

DDRescue-GUI has really streamlined the drive imaging process for me. Its user-friendly interface and consistent performance have made a noticeable difference in my workflow. Thank you for such a helpful tool!

Kahan James, Los Angeles-based record producer and mixing engineer

DDRescue-GUI is more than worth it and saved my life… or at least my hard drive.

My Glyph SSD failed during a backup, rendering both the backup and the original files inaccessible. The device appeared in Disk Utility but would not mount. Glyph’s tech support told me to make a clone of the failed drive using ddrescue and then rebuild the clone using Disk Warrior. This advice proved exactly right, but it took me days to research and do all this because I have no experience in coding or data recovery. This is also why DDRescue-GUI was so important to me, because otherwise I would have had to use the command line version in Terminal, which was out of my depth.

Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty was helpful, cordial, and promptly responsive. I paid the extra two quid for his priority email support, which made all the difference. At these prices Hamish’s software is effectively free, since if what he’s done here were commercially available from a large company, it would most likely be priced substantially higher. DDRescue-GUI was easy to use and understand, especially with the help of Hamish’s tutorial videos on YouTube.

I couldn’t recommend this app more highly and would buy it again, though I hope I never need to.

Daniel Buchanan

Impeccable work on the system.

Rowan Pope

Love the GUI wrapper you’ve made for ddrescue, thanks for the effort.

Beth Deans

I used this program to test some old PC game discs. Hamish’s support and assistance with using the program was top notch, and once I had my head around how to use the program it was really quick and easy to use.

I suggested to him to make an optional wizard for the program, to help those who may find all the options on screen a little overwhelming at first.

Overall I recommend this product for its no frills, straight to business service!


I’ve just bought DDRescue-GUI for Windows and am trying it out now. I’m impressed and pleased that there’s a way of using ddrescue on Windows, and thank you very much for making it!


Having the power of DDrescue with a graphical frontend, makes it a very powerful tool in data recovery of damaged or corrupted media. Thank you very much for your amazing work!

John Moody

Cheers and thanks for a must have utility.


It’s a great little package – I used to use it in Ubuntu. It’s one of the best.

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