Bhuna: Some new music to listen to when you’re programming!

Bhuna is a solo electronica artist, and as I like to listen to music while I program, I’m looking forward to it 🙂

About Bhuna

As they are a new start-up musician, the first thing that will be released is an EP, cryptically dubbed “Listening To Life”, which only helps to increase the suspense, especially as track listing information seems to be imminent.

Bhuna was inspired by the whimsical, random, wacky, and by the sound of it, highly improvised Mr. Bungle albums. Apparently Mr. Bungle consisted of Jazz musicians, which probably explains the improv, but certainly gives the music a weird kind of charm. Amongst other musicians, Bhuna was influenced by Queens Of The Stone Age (an all-male rock band), and Serj Tankian (Singer from System Of A Down, and also performs solo).

System Of A Down is a metal band, and they seem to specialise in shouting at the microphone, which certainly does it for me XD. Joking aside, there are some slower songs like “Spiders”, and Serj Tankian has also done some solo work, which had some more relaxed, flowing melodies.

Queens Of The Stone Ages, is just… weird. Good, but weird. It seems they have a new album coming up, but I certainly can’t make any sense out of their posts at the moment, to be entirely honest. They’re also a rock band, but slightly less shouty than System Of A Down, and have more confusing lyrics 🙂

As Bhuna was inspired by all of these artists their music will, I’m sure, make for an interesting genre, as these are all quite different bands. Some of the artwork is already online on Bhuna’s twitter page, facebook page, and instagram profile. As I mentioned before, the track listings are set to be revealed soon, so stay tuned to Bhuna’s social media, this should be some interesting electronica music 🙂

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