WxFixBoot v2.0 Has Been Released. Check out the new features!

WxFixBoot's About Window

Hi all, Yep, the new WxFixBoot v2.0 is finally ready! It offers a ton of new features and improvements, as well as looking nicer and working faster and more reliably 🙂 Support For Fedora! This is the 1st stable version that supports Fedora, and I’m pleased to say it works… Continue reading

Linux Mint 18: My Review Part 1 – Upgrading from Mint 17.3

Hi all, this is the first part of a multi-part post about Linux Mint 18. In these posts I’ll talk about my experience with upgrading and using the new Mint. This part is a guide for those who want to upgrade from Mint 17.3 to 18. Note that you can’t… Continue reading

DDRescue-GUI v1.6 has been released!

See this post for the latest news on DDRescue-GUI’s new release! Version 1.6 adds support for Fedora and its derivatives, while also including some important fixes, such as adding LVM and RAID support, and ensuring that the GUI always starts correctly (there was an intermittent problem). Continue reading

WxFixBoot 2.0’s 2nd pre-release done, news on upcoming changes!

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I posted anything on here, so I’m making two new posts now: this one on WxFixBoot, and this one on the new DDRescue-GUI 1.6 🙂 I’ve made the usual shed-load of changes, so maybe WxFixBoot 2.0 will hopefully be ready for release soon. Here’s… Continue reading