MultiWii Pages and Downloads

So recently I’ve been looking into making a Raspberry Pi-based drone. More details will be coming on this soon, seeing as I finally have (almost) all the parts I need now. On this page are links to the new MultiWii Wiki I set up, seeing as the old one is now down, and various MultiWii-related download files.

MultiWii Wiki

The Wiki is at:

All of the content on this wiki (as least at the time I created it) was copied from the defunct wiki that used to be at, used with attribution under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

The wiki is open to new registrations – feel free to join and contribute!

MultiWii Downloads

MultiWii Software

MultiWii v2.4 (11 MB)

MultiWii v2.3 (11 MB)

MultiWii v2.2 (10 MB)

MultiWii v2.1 (10 MB)

MultiWii v2.0 (8 MB)

MultiWii v1.9 (5 MB)

MultiWii v1.8-patch2 (5 MB)

MultiWii v1.8 (5 MB)

MultiWii v1.7 (5 MB)

LEDRing Software (1 MB) LED.ino for (1 MB)

Multiwii Connection Diagrams (5 MB)

Multiwii Stick Configuration Diagrams (120 KB)

Archive of MultiWii Source Code Respository (268 MB)

Archive of MultiWii forum from May 2020 (1.4 GB)

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