GetDevInfo 1.0.3 has been released with minor bug fixes!

Hi everyone.

GetDevInfo 1.0.3 has been released!

This new version fixes some bugs with some of the more advanced information this package can provide. Note that you don’t need to update if you have this installed just to run DDRescue-GUI.

The following things were changed:

  • If a partition’s UUID wasn’t found, then on Python 3 the value will now be “Unknown” like it is on Python 2 instead of “”.
  • For certain types of disks, the “RawCapacity” key was mistakenly “raw_capacity”. This has been fixed.
  • Boot record values and any string found inside are always bytestrings now, rather than unicode for some types of disks.

Not a stunning number of changes, but necessary for WxFixBoot to operate successfully. Anyone who is using this package for their own project should update to get these fixes. The new version is available for download from this website using the bar at the top of this page, and on launchpad.

This has been a quick post, but I intend to finish the Cygwin saga very soon, so there should be a new post here in the next few days with luck.


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