V1.5 Changelog

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  • #define MOTOR_STOP
    • this is an alternative method to stop immediately the motors when the throttle command is in low position
    • HEX6 added
  • motor pin :
    • //REAR_R => PIN 9
    • //FRONT_R => PIN 10
    • //REAR_L => PIN 11
    • //FRONT_L => PIN 3
    • //FRONT => PIN 6
    • //REAR => PIN 5

anti gyro glitch:

  • the time we neutralize data after a hard reset is increased. The impact of gyro glitches is greatly reduced. I can even fly safely with a bad WMP copy doing a hard reset every 5s.

suppression of throttle rate pid curve:

  • replaced by only one relevant value.
  • PID can decrease proportionally between [1500-2000] throttle position (helps to prevent wobbling in fast translation).

internal soft simplification:

  • EEPROM, serial communication, motor naming.

stable mode is greatly improved.

support of ADXL345 I2C acc.

  • Benefit:
    • the loop time WMP+ADXL345 is reduced, allowing a better stability, comparable to a WMP only conf.
    • Obviously, ADXL345 must not be connected with a with a NK setup.
    • The integration of BMA020 I2C acc should be easy because the code frame is ready.

when a NK is detected, the LED blink is much longer after the init step => it's a way to visualize the good detection of a nunchuk.

support of BMP085 I2C barometer.

  • But for visualization purpose only.
  • It can't be activated yet for altitude stabilization.

Known issue:

  • the trim in acro mode is different of the trim in stable mode.


  • if you use a NK or a ADXL345 acc. You must do a manual calibration to see good results in gui
    • stable mode with NK should indicate 0 / 0 / 200 acc values
    • stable mode with ADXL345 should indicate 0 / 0 / 250 acc values
    • If you have a constant +/- 400 values on the graph, the calibration is not done.
  • for the WMP+ADXL345 setup: (+/-BMP085 for curious)
    • D12 +1 diode is used to poser the WMP
    • a 3.3V is used to power the ADXL345 (stabilized alim or multiple LED from a 5V source)
    • to reset parameters to default: just upload an old version and the new again.
  • this version is compatible with everything designed before (WMP only conf or WMP+NK)