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MultiWii is a general purpose free open source project to control flying RC models.

The MultiWiiCopter is historically based on a Wii Motion Plus extension and an Arduino pro mini board. From a very simple, cheap, minimalist flight controler the project has now matured and support all expected feature including GPS navigation.

This wiki is a copy of the (no longer available) original wiki at All content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License as per the original wiki.

Unfortunately the original authors of the pages are not available on the Wayback Machine, so I cannot give credit to the individual people. Instead, I give credit to the whole community for their amazing efforts to develop the software and this wiki.

This wiki is not a read-only service though - I'd be very happy if a little community started over time on this wiki, if only for documentation and sharing knowledge. It'd be even better if there was some more development on the MultiWii software and GUI though :)

Most frequent questions


stable MultiWii_2.4  : MultiWii_2.4

The Project is hosted on GoogleCode. You can find a read-only git mirror

This code is also available on this website at Older versions (all those I've managed to obtain) are also available there if you need them.

Changelogs are available at Changelogs.

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