Changelogs For GetDevInfo

GetDevInfo v1.0.2

GetDevInfo (1.0.2):
* Changes since 1.0.1:

* Fix an exception when getting block sizes on Linux with Python 3.
* Define getdevinfo.getdevinfo.VERSION - useful for users.
* Bump version to 1.0.2.

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GetDevInfo v1.0.1

GetDevInfo (1.0.1):
* Changes since v1.0.0:
* Add unittests from WxFixBoot.
* Rewrite tests data to obey style guide.
* Rewrite test functions to obey style guide.
* Get the unit tests working.
* Add unittests from DDRescue-GUI.
* Rewrite the tests to adhere to the style guide.
* Get the tests working on Linux.
* Enable platform detection in the unit tests.
* Get tests working on macOS.
* Include bytestring workaround for Python 3.
* Don't use deprecated function plistlib.readPlistFromBytes.
* Start work on the documentation.
* Document
* Document
* Document
* Parse lshw's XML output with LXML, rather than with html.parser (breaks Ubuntu 12.04 support).
* Remove another workaround for Ubuntu 12.04.
* Use dd status=none to remove all of dd's output in the boot record strings. (breaks Ubuntu 12.04 support).
* Don't crash if not run as root on Linux.
* macOS: get_capacity(): Actually compute human-readable sizes.
* Fix a RuntimeWarning when running standalone on OS X.
* macOS: More clearly display whether a drive is removable or not.
* macOS: is_partition(), remove deprecation warning, but note for internal use only.
* Start documenting dictionary format.
* Fix getting IDs under Python 3 on Linux.
* Finish documenting dictionary format.
* LVM disks: Set RawCapacity to "Unknown", rather than a human-readable size.
* Fix more LVM disk stuff under Python 3.
* Fix several errors with the LVM-related tests,
* macOS: Fix formatting issues with descriptions.
* Delayed - can't test on laptop.
* Update macOS get_capacity() tests to check human-readable capacities too.
* macOS: Fix issue if Removable key isn't in the plist from diskutil info.
* Fix for older versions of macOS where the SolidState attribute is missing from the diskutil info plist.
* Don't require bs4 for testing on macOS.
* Fix macOS description tests.
* Fix crashes with unpartitioned disks (Linux).
* macOS: Fix for disks with more than 9 partitions.
* macOS: Fix for removable drive detection.
* Fix unit tests again.
* Update to include build instructions.
* Update getdevinfo/ so the wheels work.

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GetDevInfo v1.0.0

GetDevInfo (1.0.0):

* Create the repository on github.
* Add the latest GetDevInfo code from WxFixBoot.
* Begin merging with the code from DDRescue-GUI.
* More merging.
* Get it working on Linux.
* Get it working on macOS.
* Bring the macOS coding scheme up to date.
* Obey the python style guide more closely.
* Remove all of the logging stuff, as it doesn't make sense in a standalone module.
* Get Python 3 support working on both platforms.
* Set the version to v1.0.0 and get ready for PyPI.
* Create
* Fix some import-related issues.
* Test it again.
* Release.

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