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Here you will find the forum rules and some instructions to help you get started using these forums.
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Forum Rules

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1. Be respectful. This is a support forum for people to help each other. Please don't troll.

2. Any kind of offensive language/behaviour including, amongst other things, racism, sexism, homophobic comments/language and anything else that is defamatory, rude or aggressive will not be tolerated. This forum is for a general audience, so please keep that in mind before you post. Please report anything like this that you see.

3. Cracked/pirated software, warez, or any other kind of material that doesn't respect copyright is not allowed here, and posting it or links to it will result in suspension or deletion of your account.

4. If you post spam, it will be removed, and your account may be suspended or deleted.

5. Inappropriate (eg: NSFW) content will be removed, and may result in the suspension or deletion of your account.

6. Please try to post in the relevant forum.

7. If you need help with anything related to using this forum, drop me an email, and please try to explain the situation as clearly as possible so I can help you easily.

8. Moderators and administrators shall be fair, and use these rules as well as common sense when deciding whether or not to take action.