Western digital My Book Live data recovery.

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Western digital My Book Live data recovery.

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Our My Book Live (MBL) recently stopped working, I am not sure if we are victims of the recent cyber-attack or repeated interruption to the mains supply caused the issue, or a combination of both!
I removed the drive 2TB WD drive from the MBL and plugged it into a laptop via usb to sata converter – attempted data recovery with trial versions of Disk Genius and Easeus data recovery, both of which showed recoverable files – but after say 5% of scanning they would stop and could not be restarted, the drive seemed to take itself offline. Tried different hardware combinations, eventually found disk directly connected to a desktop motherboard and operating systems booting from a usb drive gave best results. I tried various cloning software, recovery utilities, different operating systems etc. All of which failed
The drive seemed to badly damaged! Thankfully I found DDRescue with the graphical user interface, which put the software within my technical ability – Thank you.
The fact it will skip bad sectors is fantastic and has a logfile so if it crashes for any reason you can restart the process it a total game changer.
Using Disk Genius I could see the partitions on the original drive from the MBL so I purchased a near identical 2tb WD drive, with the idea of cloning the drive and putting the new drive into the MBL and seeing/hoping the original directory structure was intact. After several days and a few restarts DDR rescue had recovered 99.99% of the data. As I am using the windows version DDRescue couldn’t mount the output. I tried OSFmount but this doesn’t see the drive, I suspect this is because Windows doesn’t recognise the drives and wants to reformat it! If I run Easeus data recovery I can scan the new drive and see my image and office files etc, so that’s a huge step forward and can probably recover the files using that.

However, I wonder if there is a more elegant way to do this? If I could recover the partitions, this would mean I could target my recovery to just one partition. Any thoughts would be much appreciated?
Is Easeus data recovery software as good as any? Or are there better alternatives?

Attached log file and some screenshots showing the partitions as shown in Diskgenius and Easeus

Thanks for your help
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Re: Western digital My Book Live data recovery.

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Hi there,

You may have luck using a program called Ext2fsd (https://sourceforge.net/projects/ext2fsd/) to do this from Windows, as Windows cannot read the EXT3 and EXT4 filesystems you seem to have on the drive. I am not sure why the partitions aren't showing up on the new drive in DiskGenius, but I'm not familiar with that program so i may just be worth trying ext2fsd before any more diagnosis.

It may be that you used DDRescue-GUI to copy only one partition, instead of the entire drive, but that can still be workable. Let me know what Ext2fsd has to say and I'll try and provide more assistance.

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