When can recovered files be seen?

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When can recovered files be seen?

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Thanks for making this software possible! That map file is golden!

You can see below from data/screenshot below there is quite a bit of recovery to get processed.

I am curious as to when I can actually see some of the recovered files...if any? Not the number of days, that's already obvious...its already been running for 7 to 10 days and likely a few weeks to go.

1. The failed drive has a separate power source.
2. There is a 6-inch fan blowing right into the drive for cooling.
3. Running ddrescue via Ubuntu on a windows device. I tried doing the "TRY" Ubuntu and running on thumb drive. But each time I tried to get Ubuntu fully updated with updates, the install would fail. I found there was something wrong with the thumb drive. Each time there was a restart everything had to be reinstalled. I made some room on the windows device and did a FULL install of Ubuntu 20.04. After this the install/updates did not crash.

rescued: 256303 MB, tried: 1048 kB, bad-sector: 0 B, bad areas: 0
Current status
ipos: 269498 MB, non-trimmed: 1048 kB, current rate: 2340 B/s
opos: 269498 MB, non-scraped: 0 B, average rate: 87188 B/s
non-tried: 2731 GB, bad-sector: 0 B, error rate: 0 B/s
rescued: 269497 MB, bad areas: 0, run time: 1d 18h 1m
pct rescued: 8.98%, read errors: 0, remaining time: 1675d 5h
time since last successful read: 0s
Copying non-tried blocks... Pass 1 (forwards)
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Re: When can recovered files be seen?

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Good to see the recovery is making headway. Yeah, a full install is generally the best option, and I'm glad to hear about the fan - they always help.

As for when you can see the recovered files, it kind of depends on what data it has managed to read. The start of the drive is the most important when it comes to (easily) reading the files. It also depends on whether the data it has managed to read corresponds to the files you want.

However, as long as you're using a map file, you can stop the recovery and use the "mount" option at any time, and if it doesn't work you can just resume the recovery again for a while. Bear in mind that if mounting does work and you can see the files, it doesn't necessarily mean that the files are intact - its probably best to wait until the recover is finished unless you only need a small amount of data and will know if it's intact or not.

Hope this helps,
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