DDRescue-GUI 2.1.1 Release Notes and Changes

DDRescue-GUI 2.1.1 Release Notes

Despite the minor new version number, this release packs quite a lot of changes:

  • Support for Windows.
  • Dropped support and workarounds for Python 2.
  • Compatible with wxPython 4.1.x.
  • Much smaller macOS bundle size.

See the blog post for all the details.

Important Information:

  • This is the last release to support macOS 10.9 Mavericks.

Note for Linux users:

GetDevInfo needs to be installed before you can install this – head over to https://www.hamishmb.com/html/downloads.php?program_name=getdevinfo or https://launchpad.net/getdevinfo/ to download it first.

An alternate way to make this easier for Ubuntu users is to add my PPA to your system (see https://launchpad.net/~hamishmb/+archive/ubuntu/myppa).

Ubuntu 16.04 users also need to install wxpython4.0 from here: https://www.hamishmb.com/blog/miscellaneous-downloads/.

DDRescue-GUI 2.1.1 Changes

DDRescue-GUI (2.1.1):

  • Drop support and workarounds for Python 2.
  • Make DDRescue-GUI compatible with wxPython 4.1.0.
  • Various fixes for Cygwin, including fixing a potential memory leak.
  • Make developer docs more mobile friendly.
  • Fix unmounting output files on certain versions of macOS.
  • Add the .desktop file to the repository.

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