DDRescue-GUI 1.6 Release Notes and Changes

DDRescue-GUI 1.6 Release Notes

This is the next major release of DDRescue-GUI and it fixes a lot of important bugs, adds some new safety features, and adds support for Fedora! The bundled ddrescue and Python in the OS X package have also been updated.

See my blog post for all the details.

DDRescue-GUI 1.6 Changes

DDRescue-GUI (1.6):

  • Fix time elapsed counter.
  • Test (again) with ddrescue v1.20.
  • Add support for ddrescue v1.21.
  • Always call wx.Panels “self.Panel”.
  • Use new GetDevInfo module.
  • Use dictionaries.
  • Fix some misc bugs.
  • Don’t create duplicate device entries when a device in the choice box list is manually selected by the user.
  • Fix Authentication dialog text on Fedora.
  • Don’t try to unmount normal files when starting a recovery.
  • Linux: Get rid of IDE HDDD file selection filter.
  • Linux: Fix partition numbers in partition to mount choice dialog.
  • Refactoring & general maintenance.
  • Remove dependency on Parted.
  • Fix another few bugs when mounting output file on Linux.
  • Fix LVM partition descriptions.
  • Fix display glitch on Fedora 23.
  • Fixes for ddrescue 1.21.
  • OS X: Fix many misc bugs.
  • Linux: Fix a bug with unmounting output files.

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