DDRescue-GUI 1.5 Release Notes and Changes

DDRescue-GUI 1.5 Release Notes

This is the latest release of DDRescue-GUI, and it’s even more solid than the last one.

A lot of the changes in this release are to improve stability and to fix bugs, but there are also some new features, such as the output box behaving like a terminal, the settings windows remembering settings if you check back later, and a ton of improvements for Mac users 🙂

For more details, see the blog post.

As always, thanks to everyone who’s helped make this program better by reporting bugs, asking questions and giving me general feedback.

DDRescue-GUI 1.5 Changes

DDRescue-GUI (1.5):

  • Use Cocoa Dialog (http://mstratman.github.io/cocoadialog/#) to add notifications on OS X, because it works from 10.4 onwards.
  • Add LC_ALL=C when calling lshw (GetDevInfo package), so make it work when the system language isn’t English.
  • Always call parted with the “-s” flag so it never waits for user input in weird situations, making mounting output files more robust.
  • Use a thread to keep track of elapsed time because the wx.Timer seems unreliable on OS X.
  • Enable the log file option on OS X (for some reason it’s just working now!).
  • Rewrite the OS X portion of the GetDevInfo package to use plists (Property Lists) because it’s faster, easier and more reliable.
  • Get direct disk access working on Parted Magic (get physical block size instead of logical block size in GetDevInfo package).
  • Fix relatively unimportant GUI formatting issues when using ddrescue v1.20.
  • Enable Reverse option on OS X (give ddrescue disk size cos it can’t calculate it).
  • Detach images when mounting fails on OS X, allowing the user to try again in some circumstances.
  • Fix crash when resizing main window during recovery (wxpython 3.x, Linux only).
  • Get \r (carriage return) and \x1b[a (up one line) working in the output box, so ddrescue’s output is now displayed exactly the same as when run from a terminal.
  • Fix high CPU Usage on OS X.
  • Fix memory leak on OS X.
  • Fix big delay before first GUI update on OS X.
  • Build ddrescue v1.20 fat binary (32-bit and 64-bit) for OS X.
  • Get Reverse and Preallocate working again on OS X.
  • Make output box work like a terminal on OS X.
  • Fix detecting of complete recovery with all data on OS X.
  • Make SettingsWindow remember settings if the user navigates back to it later.
  • Stop the user from changing the insertion point in the output box and messing up the formatting by accident.
  • If ddrescue won’t exit, prompt user to wait or try again rather than waiting indefinitely until it stops.
  • Don’t let the user save outputfile, logfile to /root on Parted Magic because the lack of space will cause the recovery to stop quickly.
  • Fix elapsed time counter.
  • Make sure to destroy dialogs after using them to free up memory.
  • Fix a few last-minute bugs with the settings window.

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