Ubuntu 10.04 to 20.04 comparison video released!

Hi all, just a quick post this time. I recently worked with Bhuna on an Ubuntu 10.04 restrospective, including side-by-side comparisons between the releases. There is no write-up for this video as it is very long, and it’s best experienced as a video. See the video below. We hope you enjoy this Ubuntu 10.04 to 20.04 comparison.

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I'm currently studying for a Computing and IT degree with the Open University, and am a software developer as well. I enjoy coding in Python, C++ (still learning), and Java. Having written 4 open-source programs (hosted on launchpad.net), set up my own website, and started volunteering at Wimborne Model Town to work on their river control system, I still find the time to enjoy cycling, acting, photography, and playing bass guitar. I go climbing every now and then as well. More recently, I wrote my first commercial program, Disk Verifier, and created a PSID Unlocker GUI for Parted Magic. I also create tutorial and other informative videos for Parted Magic LLC.

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