The Raspberry Pi Drone Flies: see the first flights and followup!

Last weekend, I finally got the Raspberry Pi Drone to fly! It seems very stable in flight, so while it’s early days I’m quite happy with it so far 🙂

The Video

Raspberry Pi Drone: The Writeup

This will be a short one, as it’s mostly about the video this time. The first time round, it mowed the grass briefly and then took off into a tree XD Fortunately, there was no damage to anything. The Pi fell off, but stayed away from the propellers and all was fine.

For the second flight, we took it to a local park so there was more space (and fewer things to crash into!) and it flew quite well. The only issue here was it was quite windy and drifted, and at the time there was a software problem that made it lag far behind the inputs, so it got very hard to control. We got it landed and pinned down, but the pi fell off and it kept spinning!

After removing power off-camera (which was quite dangerous I might add!), we inspected the damage. Fortunately, nothing was badly damaged and the drone has made a full recovery since. At the time of writing I’m about to go back out to fly it again, so I should have some more news for you soon!

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