This website now has HTTPS support after much configuration! Yay!

My Website's Homepage

Hi, Just a quick post this time, but nevertheless important. This website finally has HTTPS support! This means everything is now served encrypted, and the whole experience should be more secure. It should also be a little bit faster as well thanks to HTTP/2 support – which you can only… Continue reading

My Website Is Online! See screenshots, and learn about how I wrote it.

My Website's Homepage

Hi everyone! It’s Alive! Finally, my website is online. Not all of the things I wanted to happen did happen in the end, but all the important features did. I’ve heard a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll be lazy and give you a bunch of screenshots to… Continue reading

My website is in development and will be online soon!

A changelog page.

Hi all, A while ago, I had the idea of creating a website to complement this blog, and that will also host downloads for all versions of my programs, and the documentation for them. The website has long been in the making, but I’m nearly done writing it, and it… Continue reading