End of support notice for Fedora 26, and other github-related news.

Fedora 24's Desktop

Hello everyone, As the title suggests, I will no longer be supporting Fedora 26 for any of my programs, as it has officially reached its End Of Life date. What does this mean for F26 users? These users will no longer receive security updates. This means this older operating system… Continue reading

KDE Plasma Mobile – Initial thoughts and basic review

KDE Plasma Mobile on VirtualBox

I’ve been excitedly following KDE Plasma Mobile for a while now, and jumped at the chance to try it out :). Unfortunately, as I found out after talking to the dev team, virtualbox doesn’t play nicely with it. The issues you see/read about in this post are mostly virtualbox’s fault, not the KDE team’s, but enjoy anyway! Continue reading

Security fixes for DDRescue-GUI and WxFixBoot have been released

I have released security fixes for DDRescue-GUI and WxFixBoot. Fortunately, the attack vector is fairly small, and the likelyhood of being affected is also small. I’m taking this seriously though. Read this post to learn more about the bug and whether you are affected. Continue reading