More posts coming over Christmas – sorry about the delay 

Hi everyone!

I’m really sorry that I haven’t posted much lately, I’ve been having a lot of technical problems with the laptop and network booting. Add that to doing part-time work this Christmas, and coursework deadlines, and well, here we are.

Because I’ve had RAM, PSU and PXE booting issues with the laptop, I’m unable to do the android x86 review at the moment, or the PXE boot adventure post. The power supply seems to have been damaging other components like Powerline networking adapters, so we have some diagnosing to do before I’m willing to do much on that front. Fortunately the other issues are now fixed (albeit I can only use 3GB RAM, but hey ho), but the PSU potentially damaged 4 powerline networking devices…

It’s not all bad news though. I’ll have a replacement power supply as soon as I know that it was definitely that that was causing the issue, and my casual work ends soon, so I should be able to get on with this soon 🙂 Meanwhile:

Upcoming news

A new version of GetDevInfo is about to be released in the next few days, and it includes API documentation, bug fixes, and better support for Python 3. Shortly after this release, I’ll start working on updating DDRescue-GUI to fix some bugs, add important features such as (if possible) APFS mounting support on macOS, using macOS notification centre to send notifications, support for running two or more recoveries at once, and so on.

After that, or maybe at the same time, I’ll be working on WxFixBoot and fixing some slightly perplexing but low-priority bugs.

I should stop promising to post regularly, really, but I do love to write. I won’t promise this time, because I tend to suddenly have lots of things to do when I think I’ll have time, but I’ll see if I can find some more time over Christmas to write 🙂


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