This website now has HTTPS support after much configuration! Yay!


Just a quick post this time, but nevertheless important.

This website finally has HTTPS support!

This means everything is now served encrypted, and the whole experience should be more secure. It should also be a little bit faster as well thanks to HTTP/2 support – which you can only realistically have if you use HTTPS. I’ve set up redirects as well: any attempt to access any portion of this site over HTTP will result in a redirect to use HTTPS instead. You don’t have to change any links, it’ll happen automatically, and it shouldn’t have any effect on your ability to use this site.

Incidentally, I have to identify myself to my hosting provider with a text message to enable encryption. I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting it to work, but fortunately they’re nice and after some discussion they manually activated it for me. Yay for good hosting providers!

This is a very short post, but I will have some more stuff out soon, including a demonstration of PXE booting to complement my PXE howto, so watch this space 🙂


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I'm currently studying for a Computing and IT degree with the Open University, and am a software developer as well. I enjoy coding in Python, C++ (still learning), and Java. Having written 4 open-source programs (hosted on, set up my own website, and started volunteering at Wimborne Model Town to work on their river control system, I still find the time to enjoy cycling, acting, photography, and playing bass guitar. I go climbing every now and then as well. More recently, I wrote my first commercial program, Disk Verifier, and created a PSID Unlocker GUI for Parted Magic. I also create tutorial and other informative videos for Parted Magic LLC.

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