GetDevInfo 1.0.9 Released with some more fixes for NVME drives.

Just a quick post this time. GetDevInfo 1.0.9 is now out with the following NVME-related fixes:

  • Fix an issue where the RawCapacity value is sometimes not a string for NVME disks.
  • Search for NVME disks before LVM disks.
    • This prevents a crash when an NVME drive is hosting LVM volumes.
  • Fix an NVME bug where some partitions were numbered incorrectly on Fedora.
    • This occurs only on Fedora because it has a patched version of lshw that detects NVME drives, but there were a few incompatibilities with it.
  • No longer return DISKINFO dictionary in macos.get_info().
    • This was accidental undocumented behaviour.
  • Gather IDs for NVME disks on Linux.
  • Add a non-Python dependency check in
  • Fix another rare crash with NVME disks.

Important: Python 2 is not supported in GetDevInfo 1.0.9. Please use GetDevInfo 1.0.6 if you need to use Python 2.

The new version can be downloaded from and

That’s it for this post, but stay tuned – there are a lot of interesting and different posts coming soon.

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