DDRescue-GUI Windows bundle released! Get it now

Hi all. It’s taken a while, but The DDRescue-GUI Windows bundle is now available. It’s a far more convenient way of installing DDRescue-GUI on Windows, and has these advantages over the old method of manually installing Cygwin and dependencies:

  • Much smaller download size (200MB instead of around 1 GB)
  • Much easier and faster installation
    • Previously the whole process could take up to an hour or more, and involved following complex commandline instruction precisely.
    • Now everything is fully automated, and installation should only take a few minutes.
  • Much less disk space required (700MB instead of 1+ GB, though I’m working to further reduce this).
  • The bundle contains all dependencies, so what you download is exactly the same as what I’ve tested.
    • With the manual method you will end up running slightly different and newer versions of dependencies.

I’m still working to get DDRescue-GUI into the official Cygwin repositories, but for your average users it’s far better to use the bundle I’ve made instead. You can download it from launchpad.net or this website now, and an updated user guide is coming very soon to fully cover Windows users.

Note: You may need to add an exception for DDRescue-GUI’s install folder in your antivirus software. This is because Cygwin, which this bundle takes advantage of, is known to confuse some antivirus programs. For the record, I have had no trouble using this bundle with Avira Antivirus.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned – I have some interesting ideas for upcoming posts.

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