DDRescue-GUI v1.7 is out for stable release. Read about the new features here!

Hi all,

DDRescue-GUI v1.7 has been released! To see all of the exciting changes (and the not-so-exciting ones, read on 🙂

The Exciting Changes!

I have brought a lot of important new features and fixes to this release. It builds on the stability I brought in the v1.6.1 release, and adds some more functionality. Amongst other things, I added:

  • Support for the new ddrescue version, v1.22. This means that OS X users get a new ddrescue version once again! Major new features in this release of ddrescue include improvements in the data recovery algorithm and better status messages. For the full changelog see http://linux.softpedia.com/progChangelog/GNU-ddrescue-Changelog-6106.html.
  • Link to my website (http://hamishmb.altervista.org), instead of DDRescue-GUI’s launchpad page.
  • Major improvements when mounting the output file, for both OS X and Linux. Reliability is greatly improved on OS X, and both platforms see a performance improvement.
  • General improvements in error reporting and handling on all platforms.
  • Prevent the user from accidentally overwriting the recovery log file with the GUI’s log file.

The Boring Changes.

As with all releases, there are some boring changes too. These include:

  • The creation of an emergency exit function, so if the GUI crashes at crucial points, the log file can easily be saved by the user when reporting a bug.
  • Keeping the choice boxes on MainWindow shorter, by prefixing them with “…” if they are too long. This took me much longer than I thought possible XD
  • Attempt to veto system shutdowns/logouts during recovery.
  • Lots and lots of refactoring.
  • Fix lots of assorted issues in the backend code.
  • Last but not least:
  • Write a ton of unit tests for the backend code. This is probably the most boring bit of programming I’ve ever done. It was worth it though, because it helped me find some really important bugs in the backend code. I haven’t written any for the interface code yet, that’s still to come. Argh…

I think that’s about it for this post, but note than since my website is now online, these file and the full changelog are accessible from my website 🙂

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