Cygwin Part 2.5 – a brief interlude

Hi everyone. After filming the last part of the Cygwin series, I realised there was an alternate way of running the GUI, which is much more similar to how it would run on native windows, so I thought I’d make a very brief followup to Cygwin part 2:

The Video

A brief summary

So, it once again didn’t quite work :/. This seems to be the story with Cygwin, unfortunately. However, it DOES show how the GUI will look on Windows, which is important I think. It’s quite a non-alien looking thing interestingly. I can confirm that it does work, but Windows 10’s security settings were interfering with Cygwin, so the conclusion to this series of videos will involve running it on everyone’s favourite OS, Windows 8.1 :D. Joking aside, I’ve found I quite like Windows 8.1, just not 8.0, and it runs a fair bit better on my laptop.

To conclude, Windows 10 is annoying and tends to get in the way of me trying to do things rather a lot! Having said that, I quite like Windows 10 as well, but, yeah, Cygwin on Windows 8.1 will be the final part to this series, and I will demonstrate a working recovery in windowed mode. 🙂


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