My projects have moved to GitLab! And other news: DDRescue-GUI 2.0.0 about to be released!


My projects have just moved to GitLab – read this post for links to the new repos. But wait, there’s more: DDRescue-GUI 2.0.0 is about to be released! Continue reading

KDE Plasma Mobile – Initial thoughts and basic review

KDE Plasma Mobile on VirtualBox

I’ve been excitedly following KDE Plasma Mobile for a while now, and jumped at the chance to try it out :). Unfortunately, as I found out after talking to the dev team, virtualbox doesn’t play nicely with it. The issues you see/read about in this post are mostly virtualbox’s fault, not the KDE team’s, but enjoy anyway! Continue reading

GetDevInfo v1.0.1 Released! Precursor to development on DDRescue-GUI.

The next version of GetDevInfo is out! This version includes lots of bugfixes, especially for mac users, as well as better tests, and some documentation for those who want to use this in their programs :). Read this post to learn more about the new release, and my upcoming plans for my other programs. Continue reading

UPDATED: Python 3 support! – Upcoming Program News 2017-08-23

Read this post to hear my plans for Python 3 support, updates to my website and Wine Autostart, and if you’re wondering what happen to the OS review series. Continue reading