Announcing Stroodlr 0.9 “Apricot Curry”: My new program!

Hi everyone!

Stroodlr 0.9 “Apricot Curry” is out!

I imagine what you’re thinking right now is something along the lines of “why did he call it apricot curry, of all things?”. We get to that in a second XD. First:

What is Stroodlr

Not strudel. Stroodlr is a local-network chat client, and it runs on Linux. If you’re wondering what one of those is, it’s a way for users to send messages to each other over a local network, such as a home network. It essentially functions as a chat room for your local network.

Why did I call it apricot curry, and why is the program called stroodlr?

Firstly, apricot curry might be interesting, but not very helpful (because it isn’t nice to eat). Stroodlr 0.9 might be interesting, but it can’t send messages between users yet (only between a client and a server), so it’s isn’t very helpful.


The second one is a funny story. I was chatting with someone over text a while back, and was talking about making strudel, except I forgot how to spell it, and accidentally typed “stroodlr” instead of “stroodle”. Then I thought, that actually looks quite good, so I began looking for something to use the name for.


Also, Stroodlr is the Super reTRo Object OrienteD Linux message Relay, which I definitely thought of first XD. I like weird acronyms, in my defence.

Why did I write it?

Just as a learning experience really. It’s my first program written in C++, and I wanted a challenge, so I thought this would be a good undertaking, because it uses C++ sockets (with Boost), and also threads, which are two things that are meant to be tricky. It might actually be helpful for someone too 😛

That’s it for this post, but I have some new ones coming up very soon 🙂

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