GetDevInfo v1.0.1 Released! Precursor to development on DDRescue-GUI.

The next version of GetDevInfo is out! This version includes lots of bugfixes, especially for mac users, as well as better tests, and some documentation for those who want to use this in their programs :). Read this post to learn more about the new release, and my upcoming plans for my other programs. Continue reading

Android history and review part 1 – finally, a new post :)

In this series, I’ll be using Android-x86 to take a look at the various different versions of Android, and I’ll be doing a sort-of review of Android-x86 as well. This is the first post in the series, and shows some of the oldest versions of Android. As we go along the time line, it’ll start to get interesting fast! Continue reading

Security fixes for DDRescue-GUI and WxFixBoot have been released

I have released security fixes for DDRescue-GUI and WxFixBoot. Fortunately, the attack vector is fairly small, and the likelyhood of being affected is also small. I’m taking this seriously though. Read this post to learn more about the bug and whether you are affected. Continue reading