New Features in DDRescue-GUI, WxFixBoot, and Wine Autostart!

DDRescue-GUI on Linux Mint

Hi all, Back to normal posts: I have some news about upcoming new features in all of my programs to share! UPDATE 11/11/2016: Wine Autostart v2.0.2 is now out! Head to to download it! DDRescue-GUI v1.6.2/v1.7 New Features/Fixes I will add I have quite a lot of things coming… Continue reading

Just for a change: Some time-lapse photos I took on holiday!

Hi all, I did say I’d make posts more often, but I’ve had a very busy Summer if that counts as a decent excuse XD Anyways, I thought I’d do something a bit different this time, and make a post on some time-lapse photography I did while I was on… Continue reading